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BAYSAN INDUSTRIES, which was founded by our founder and still the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Süleyman BAYSAL, the Chemical Engineer, was founded in December 1994 with the objective of producing and marketing of additives, detergents and mineral oil products, starting with a small depot at Kurtköy Sanayi Mahallesi. It was established. Since 2015, the company has been engaged in the production of mineral oil until 2015, and has been engaged in the wholesale trade of petroleum products other than fuel oil by agreement with the valuable mineral oil producers.


“Our company is participating in tendors of public institutions and organizations gets authority from major international and national brands of lubricants products though the Republic of Turkey borders. All kinds of lubricants, greases and antifreeze products (we have bought and sold) are produced at reliable and comfortable lubricant production facilities and have been passed through the required tests in the accredited best qualified laboratories .All these reliable results are approached our valuable customers on time .


We commit continuous improvement and sustainability of our quality to our customers by protecting the environment in every process from the storage to the marketing and sales operations.


Casting Powder

The most commonly used product materials in Iron and Steel sector are Casting , Lunker Powders and Aluminum Bulk.

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial oils are Gear Oils, Hydraulic System Oils, Turbine Oils. These oils are formulated with high quality base oils mixed with package additives.

Process Oils

They are best qualified oils which are formulated with high quality base oils. Thy have different range of viscosities .

Automotive Lubricants

Automotive lubricants are classified in 4 groups; Passenger and Light Commercial, Heavy Duty motor oils, Automotive gear oils, and single grade motor oils.


Grease Oil is a type of oil used in machine parts and gears.They are classsified in Rubber, Red, Ball Bearing, and Lithium Soap Complex greases.


This products are based on ethylene glycol containing special additives and prevent also cold weather damages.