Mission & Vision & Values

Our mission;

  • Simplify and enrich the lives of all our business partners with the value we have created
  • Our hard work, perseverance, patience , self-confidence and the productivity we have created continuously and clearly increase the value we add to our suppliers ,customers, employees, society and the environment,
  • Creating relationships based on mutual trust, respect and empathy with our high quality trade service that adds real value to our customers ‘ business ,
  • Our never-ending perseverance to go further, and to respond to the expectations of our suppliers and customers by working hard with our passion.,

Our Vision;

Our trade is to be the largest and most admired wholesale trading company in Turkey in the launch of petroleum products , mineral oil , grease ,antifreeze and izabe foundry products.

Our core principles and values;

  • To be patient , perseverance and honest,
  • Regardless of all circumstances to combat,
  • Morally,
  • To respect the rules,
  • Taking lessons from experience, soul who likes teamwork, to move on
  • He has promised to never compromise on our sincere and good intentions as an institution.